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Sturdi-Wall® is the first column anchor designed specifically for the Post-Frame Industry. 

100% American-Made Steel, robotically welded

Connect post-frame structures to traditional concrete foundations such as monolithic slabs, formed walls, and existing concrete pads. Sturdi-Wall® brackets are a heavy-duty anchor system used for new construction, post-repair, renovations, and more. ICC-ES certified Sturdi-Wall® brackets are certified by the International Code Council as complying with international building codes. Certification from ICC enables builders to more quickly attain necessary project approvals and permits.


Engineered column anchors take the guessing out of design work, and a powder-coated finish adds refinement to any project. Building on concrete eliminates the problems inherent with wood foundations.


• SW46 - 4x6 Post
• SW66 - 6x6 Post

• SW88 – 8x8 Post
• SW63 - 3Ply 2x6 Laminated Column
• SW64 - 4Ply 2x6 Laminated Column
• SW83 - 3Ply 2x8 Laminated Column
• SW84 - 4Ply 2x8 Laminated Column
• SW85 – 5ply 2x8 Laminated Column or 8x8 Post
• SW60 - 2x6 Column "L" Bracket
• SW80 - 2x8 Column "L" Bracket
• SW6C – 6” Universal - Corner


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