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Learn about our range of post-frame foundation systems, and repair systems.


ICC-ES is a nonprofit, limited liability company that does technical evaluations of building products, components, methods, and materials. The evaluation process culminates with the issuance of technical reports that, because they directly address the issue of code compliance, are extremely useful to both regulatory agencies and building-product manufacturers. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are these products up to code?

Our products are ICC certified making building approvals easier. Our Perma-Columns and deck posts are made of a pre-cast concrete column. This pre-cast concrete is what would be in contact with the ground.

Where can I find more Tri State Perma-Column products to purchase?

We are adding products to our Amazon store and also distribute through lumber yards. If you could please give us your phone number or email address and one of our sales reps will contact you to help you find a lumber yard in your area that you can purchase our products through.

Will Tri State Perma-Column do the actual construction and building of my project?

Tri State Perma-Column does not build buildings but our sister company Meyer Building does. Meyer Building is located in Craigville, IN and builds within  approximately a 60 mile radius. If you fall within this radius and would like to get more information on a building please call 260-565-3274.

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