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Groundbreaking Perma-Column® precast concrete skirt boards help eliminate wood contact with soil in post-frame construction


Benefits of Precast Skirt Board

• Helps eliminate wood contact with soil in post-frame construction.


• Strengthens post-frame foundations and lengthens their service life.


• Features a hybrid concrete-wood design that prevents rot or warp and makes them stronger, stiffer, and straighter than standard treated wood skirt boards.

• When installed with Perma-Column® precast concrete columns, you get a complete permanent foundation solution guaranteed to last for generations.

 Engineered for Superior Performance

 Engineered for maximum strength, longevity, and efficiency, Perma-Column precast skirt boards combine the durability of concrete with the economy of post-frame construction. The result is a stronger, stiffer, straightener precast skirt board manufactured to the same dimensions as standard treated skirt boards. The revolutionary hybrid design features a 4-inch concrete base secured to wood with stainless-steel shear studs. Basalt composite rebar that will not rust runs the full length of the precast concrete for added strength and stability.

Installation is quick and easy

Installing the precast skirt board is quick and easy using standard tools and post-frame construction methods. Brackets attach to Perma-Column precast columns with a single concrete nail, providing easy and accurate placement of each precast skirt board. If adjustments to length are needed, skirt boards can easily be cut on the job site using a circular saw. Once in the bracket, each precast skirt board is secured using concrete nails through the wood of the skirt board into the precast column. The Perma-Column system provides the straightest, strongest post-frame foundation possible.


Skirt Board Design

• 8,000+ PSI precast concrete

• MCA treated 2x4 wood

• Basalt composite rebar

Skirt Board Sizes

• Skirt boards are available in 10-foot and 8-foot lengths.

• Door stiffeners (no attached wood) are available in 8-foot lengths.

• These engineered products can easily be cut to fit your project needs on location with a circular saw.

Galvanized Skirt Board Brackets

Simplify skirt board installation with G185 galvanized skirt board brackets. Available in boxed quantities of 100. The bracket quickly attaches to a Perma-Column with one galvanized concrete nail, enabling fast and accurate placement and hands-free fastening of skirt board.

Build better.

Perma-Column® outperforms treated wood — guaranteed.

Perma-Column® is 3x
stronger than concrete

Build to last.

Perma-Column® protects
the value of your building

Build stronger.

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