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Since 2004, Tri State Perma-Column has been a pre-caster of the Perma-Column® product in the small town of Craigville in northeast Indiana. However, Perma-Columns were being developed and produced at this location several years prior to that because Craigville is where Perma-Columns got their start.

Who better to develop a product that would revolutionize the post-frame building industry than a post-frame building company. Meyer Building recognized that the weakness of post-frame construction was having wood in the ground that would eventually rot. In 2001 after much brainstorming and research, Meyer Building began to develop and test Perma-Columns.

Finally, in 2004, pre-casters were set up to produce and distribute Perma-Columns, which is when Tri State Perma-Column officially came into existence. At the same time, the Sturdi-Wall line was developed.

Through the years, Tri State Perma-Column has been committed to customer service and producing a superior, quality product. We proved this commitment when Perma-Column became ICC-ES certified in 2019. We are excited about the future as we continue to provide a permanent foundation solution for the post-frame industry.


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